Strategic Focus Alignment

Build a better organization by aligning Individual Domains with Organizational Focus

About the creator of Strategic Focus Alignment: Joe Chiarella

For much of his career, Joe has helped organizational leaders achieve more; even while building his own companies. First, as a technology advisor and consultant in the '80s. Then as a product management consultant in the '90s. And now as a business advisor he has contributed to diverse industries including technology, education, wellness, fintech, biotech, retail, distribution, government, military, wine, philanthropy, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. His Strategic Focus Alignment (SFA) model and method is a product of 40 years of learning and experience as a consultant and entrepreneur.

Early in his career, Joe held a variety of roles in information technology for a range of small to huge companies. But his creative and entrepreneurial nature drove him to a series of technology-related startups. Those startups made contributions in education/training, publishing, cyber security, patent analytics, and cryptography. Two of the companies for which Joe was co-founder or early owner sold for 8-figures each and returned 4-5x for investors. One of those was lighting-in-a-bottle going from formation to exit in just 22 months. Joe helped envision, architect, build and deliver products that served almost half a billion users around the globe and generate more than a billion dollars of revenue.

A polymath and autodidact, Joe started out studying physics but also realized attractions to math, coding, analysis, business, economics, strategy, cognition, psychology, sociology, biology, art, and many other topics. Today, he synthesizes his business experiences and knowledge-bases, amplified by the lens of Strategic Focus Alignment, to help clients build more successful organizations.

Joe's Personal and Professional Guiding Philosophy:
Swim in the 7 Cs: "Strive to Contribute, Create and Collaborate. Nurture a healthy Curiosity and a Constructive mindset. Grow Courageously. Care for others."

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