Strategic Focus Alignment

Build a better organization by aligning Individual Domains with Organizational Focus

"An ounce of strategic focus today, avoids a pound of urgent action tomorrow."
As an organization's leader, do you spend too much of your time putting out fires?
Would you rather be growing your organization and making it better?
Do you wonder why everyone is not rowing in your desired direction?
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Strategic Focus Alignment (SFA) is a model, and a method. It is a lens through which you can see your organization, yourself and your senior management, with a deeper and broader clarity than ever before. It begins with an Individual Domains Assessment for yourself and your senior staff. It continues with an observational Organizational Focus Assessment.

The SFA method identifies and remediates the misalignments that every organization has between these two assessments, and then most importantly, guides improving them. These misalignments are the root cause of why many organizations, perhaps even yours, don't achieve as much as they could.

Consulting engagements last from days to weeks depending on the size and complexity of the organization, the level of (mis)alignment, and the commitment of the leadership. Coaching engagements also available.

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