Strategic Focus Alignment

Build a better organization by aligning Individual Domains with Organizational Focus


My company contracted with Joe to help the owners work on business continuity and succession planning. The owners also asked Joe to work with some senior staff members to help them grow into the future leaders of the organization. In my time working with Joe, he's challenged me to get outside of my comfort zone and think beyond the traditional business models. His coaching has helped me tremendously because it's given me multiple approaches to solve challenges personally and professionally. If you are willing to put the work in and be open to those difficult continuous improvement discussions, then I cannot recommend working with Joe enough. ~ Sean Bull, COO, Rolka Loube (2023)

When I first started with Joe - I did not know the first thing about REALLY running a business. I followed the advice of someone who did many things wrong but still wound up successful. Joe was able to orient me on a clearer path towards understanding business. During our time together, he was the mentor I really needed. Joe was supportive during times of crisis, and when I became stubborn, pushed me to better myself as a leader. Joe recognized my strengths early on and encouraged me in areas he believed I would excel while pointing out where I should consider hiring to fill my company's gaps. Without Joe, I would not be where I am today. I am incredibly grateful for having met him. Joe is a patient and caring individual. I will always cherish the time we had together as he facilitated me not only becoming a savvier business owner, but also a better person. ~ Amanda Witters, Founder/CEO - HH Group Management (2021)

I cannot tell you how much I have learned from you. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf. With courtesy and grace, you dig right to the essence of the subject matter at hand and with great care inquire and guide to the right conclusion. Through your ability to selflessly see thru the situation, take the risk to focus on the essence of the matter and logically and methodically, by questioning and offering alternative thoughts, guide your subject to the right conclusions. If I were to select words that describe you, I would probably start with Godly, man of character, man with integrity, strategic thinker, focused, thoughtful, thorough, caring and righteous. Those who work with you and get your counsel are blessed with your wisdom. ~ Bahram Yusefzadeh, Chairman - V2R (2020)

Joe is one of those very rare individuals able to seamlessly fuse highly developed analytical capabilities with an artist's creativity. He is a visionary with the ability to seamlessly transform a concept from something theoretical into a valuable product or service. His accomplishments speak for themselves in this regard. What impresses me the most, however, is his deep level of commitment to creating the best world for those around him. He gives of his valuable time freely to assist others through gentle and humble leadership, mentoring and guiding the development of Human lives. To know Joe is to admire and respect him, as I have grown to do over the years. I feel that my life has been deeply enriched through our interactions and consider myself very fortunate know this kind and Godly man. I wait with great excitement and expectation to see where his talents will take him next! ~ Daryl Gibson, Sr Business Innovation Manager, Framatome (2018)

Most would agree that without a vision you will perish. Not just personally, but professionally. I have had the privilege to work with some great minds in my InfoSec career. No one has helped me understand, decide, and move forward with a vision like Joe. If you have an opportunity to spend time with him, take heed to his counsel as it is very sound. What is unique about Joe is the models are based in his experience in and around companies in different stages in business life cycle, as well as playing many different roles. This isn't just about theory, it is learning where you are at so you can adjust and get to where you want to go. It is no surprise that Joe would rather spend his time sculpting. For now, he is busy providing the tools and the confidence for executives to face the big rock they are staring at and make one cut at a time. Each one with the awareness of what the business will look like when you have completed the work set before you. ~ Scott Markle, Owner/CEO - West Coast Labs (2016)

Joe Chiarella has been working with me as a business consultant for about 9 months now. Working with Joe has completely transformed my business! I've been attending executive training classes, and the classes are extremely helpful. However, those classes would have only had a fraction of the benefit without the help of Joe Chiarella. Not only is Joe brilliant, but he is articulate, compassionate, and trustworthy. He really understands business, knows how to communicate that knowledge, and helped me to translate that knowledge into almost immediate results for my business. ~ Mike Kreamer, Founder - PsyTech Solutions (2016)

I have known Joe for nearly 20 years and throughout that time he has always impressed me with his intellect and passion for service, often without expectation of personal gain. Joe can always be counted on to do the right thing and the honorable thing, without compromise. He can also be counted on to exercise the highest levels of skill, care and judgment. He has a vast array of good attributes and qualities, the sum total of which are rarely found in one single person. ~ Michael Hund, Esq., Partner - McNees Wallace and Nurick (2015)

I have known Joe Chiarella for many years and have found him to be honest, smart, and thoughtful. His determination and commitment get results in everything he does. And integrity guides him to give genuine value to his customers, the best atmosphere for colleagues and employees to succeed, and caring to his friends. Joe is a hardworking, top-performing IT professional and very good person. ~ Paul Gates, Business Development Consultant (2014)

Joe is one of those few people with strategic thinking and at the same time sense and passion for detail. He can come up with completely new and innovative ideas, create business cases and make sure that all fits into one place and is delivered; really a character of many skills. Great guy to work with! ~ Karel Obluk, Partner - Evolution Equity Partners (former CTO of AVG) (2010)

Joe helped me start Exploit Prevention Labs, which we eventually sold to AVG. His official role was product manager, where he displayed a great eye for design, but he also built our initial (and excellent) stats database and website. As we grew, Joe also showed that he was a great judge of talent, by hiring some excellent database and web guys to build on his initial work. Joe only knows one pace to work, which is full on. ~ Roger Thompson, Threat Researcher (and co-founder of Exploit Prevention Labs - acquired by AVG) (2010)

I have worked closely with Joe for nearly 4 years. In this time I have come to know him as one of the hardest working, honest, business savvy individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. For our organization Joe was instrumental in forming the strategic goals which ultimately led to the company's success. Joe also has the unique ability to always maintain a clear focus on that "big picture" even while mired in daily tactical issues. I know that Joe would have a significant positive impact on any organization that was fortunate enough to have him. ~ Greg Mosher, VP Engineering, AVG Technologies (and co-founder of Exploit Prevention Labs - acquired by AVG) (2010)

Joe Chiarella has the amazing quality of being able to focus on many things, but in order. He is honest, hardworking, genuine, interesting and kind. Really smart too. I've had the pleasure of being not only his business associate, but also his friend, for many years. He can answer your questions. ~ Michele Krebs, Recruiter (2009)

Joe Chiarella is all about integrity. When he investigates the inner workings of a company, his assessment is honest, clear and encompasses the best interest of the business. Joe's dogged determination and commitment makes him a trusted and valued partner in working for the success of a business. I have experienced Joe's ability to understand and clearly communicate what is needed for a business to move from a startup to becoming a player in the market. He understands the business cycle process and what it takes to develop a competitive business. ~ Marsha Davis, Exec Director, Murata Business Center (2005)

We basically entrusted the future of our company to Joe's thoughtful consideration. We let Joe look into our proprietary code because he has a unique level of trustworthiness; He is one of the few people from whom we are more interested in a promise than a legal agreement. We chose Joe because he has a nuanced understanding of the stages of technology development, and the powerful impact of an analyst's recommendation. We knew he would tell the truth, but we knew he wouldn't use a broadsword where a scalpel was required. ~ Treff LaPlante, President, Express Dynamics, Inc. (2005)

Joe Chiarella joined the PestPatrol team at a critical point in our evolution. Joe worked with our development team to architect and design the core engine that performs all the critical functions of our product. His architecture provided the basis for the creation of our SDK, which became a key factor in the overall success of the company. It enabled third party developers to integrate PestPatrol in a variety of applications. Joe had a unique ability to envision our product as well as pay attention to the details, which added significant value to the company. ~ Bob Bales, Co-Founder and CEO of PestPatrol (Acquired by CA) (2004)